Eiderdown in Literature

Eiderdown in Literature

References to eiderdown stud literature through the ages, testaments to its physical and metaphorical importance:

"And as she snuggled comfortably beneath the eiderdown a sense of restfulness invaded her, such as she had not known before" (Chopin, Kate. The Awakening and Selected Short Stories).

"There was a large wooded bedstead on which was a billowing red eiderdown, and there was a large wardrobe, a round table, a very small washstand, and two stuffed chairs covered with red rep" (Maugham, W Somerset. The Moon and Sixpence).

"Beside the pallet was a window, whose panes broken like spider's web upon which rain has fallen, allowed a view, through its rent meshes, of a corner of the sky, and the moon lying far away on an eiderdown bed of soft clouds" (Hugo, Victor. Notre-Dame de Paris).